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Fruits and Vegetables

Storing fruits and vegetables can be daunting sometimes. Once they are ripe or leave their natural habitat they can rot pretty fast. We would like our fruits and vegetables to last for more than just a few days. It was trial and error but I have found a few ways to extend the life of my fruits and vegetables. Yes, freezing is great but some things were not meant for freezing, great for teething babies not so much for you.


So here are a few tips on storing fruits and vegetables:



Fish, Poultry and meat

Yes, I know, many think that buying fish, poultry and meat at the store means that you can take it home and stick it in the oven or where ever. Not true! you should take the time to wash and prep your own fish, poultry and meat.


The big thing is skinless and that is great, but getting rid of just the excess fatty portion of the poultry is enough—just like everything else... moderation is key, don't over or under do things. Removing all the skin from the breast and thigh is good as those are the parts that have lots of fat and fatty skin. If grilling it can be okay to keep the breast from drying out but other than that get rid of it.


On that note here's a few tips on prepping fish, poultry and meat:


Use legs, thighs and wing (and neck, if available) to make stew and soup. For easy meal-time plan use breast to make dinner, lunch and snacks. Wraps and sandwiches are easy mealtime plans. I get mine at the Wholefoods Market so they will cut mine up in pieces if I ask (they won't do that at the other stores, don't know if that has changed, last time I checked they didn't).



Choosing Seasonal

Seasonal, most don't pay attention to what that is—it's just a word. But it's more than that. Seasonal means that you are getting the freshest possible fruits and vegetables (organic or otherwise) at the best possible time, grown within the four season time-frame. There is no forcing it to grow it just grows because it's its' time to grow. We don't really eat seasonal mostly because of where we are... Most of the United States have four seasons so fruits and vegetables are around only in their season and the rest comes from somewhere else. It's the somewhere else that makes it skecthy...


Here are a few tips on choosing fruits and vegetables that are seasonal:

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