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Health and wellness is a combination of body mind and spirit. Daily activities and a balance diet goes a long way in helping to create and maintain a balance between body, mind and spirit. Many think that a diet is to simply stop eating certain food, but it is not. It is balance between all the food group and even better adding organic to the mix.


Organic is not 'fake food' it is real food that is more nutritious and less contaminated. Yes, it can cost more than conventional but it is worth the price. A few hours in the hospital can cost over $2,600, a couple hours buying organic products for 1-2 people, will run about $300—you only need a second to think about that. One of the perks of shopping at one of my favorite store, the Wholefoods Market, is that you can buy things in bulk and get a discount and you don't need a special card to do that—you can get 10% off most items if you buy a box, you don't even have to buy the box you just have to buy the quantity that comes in the box and bam! a 10% discount. Look for USDA labeled organic products (and still check the labels), remember we live in an imperfect world the responsibility to live well is yours.


Our bodies tell us when something is wrong and once we learn to listen to it we can tell if something that we eat or drink is not good for us. It's not hard to follow, you just have to pay attention to what you are eating and learn to recognize the changes to your body after consumption, you'll know! It may take time but eventually you will see or feel it in as few as minutes after consumption. Start off with the most important items: poultry, dairy, eggs, meat, seafood and fruits and vegetables and work on the rest as you go along. Find what works for you, baby steps, one step at a time, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Yes, it can be expensive but plan ahead and you will do great and you'll see, in time, that it's not as expensive as it seems. Think about what's important, your health or that $500 pair of shoes or handbag. In the long run it could save you an hospitalization bill!


As with anything, it's important to check the package label and make sure there is nothing in that container that could prove harmful to you, even at the Wholefoods Market. I always check the labels of things that I buy especially items that I try for the first time and for the usual stuff if they taste different I wanna know why. If there is an ingredient in it that I don't approve of or I believe is not safe for me I don't buy it.


What Does "Low Fat" and "Low Sodium"
Mean on Food Labels?

Listed below are Food and Drug Administration definitions for frequently used terms. Remember to check the serving size on the Nutrition Facts panel. It may be more or less than the amount you eat.


What to look for:



And well being


Health is wealth, when you feel full of life with lots of energy you think more clearly, want to do more things and you don't get caught up in negative energy around you. Don't get me wrong, there will always be something to make you say "really?" but when you are at peace emotionally, mentally and spiritually you will be able to detemine (most of the time) when to take a step back, take a deep breath and think what's the next best move.


Thinking that buying cheap where food is concerned is not the best option because in the long run it is not. You don't want to buy cheap gas for your car or cheap food for your pet or even cheap clothing for your body—why would you want to buy cheap food for inside your body?? If you are not healthy enough to enjoy life what's the point in having the most expensive 'stuff'...?


We are all going to leave this earth sometime, somewhere, somehow but it does not have to be house/home bound. The point here is not about dying young or healthy—it's about living healthy and being happy, loving life and yourself.

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